Home No. 1 (1 year old to 12 years old)


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tired of lamp, star, sun


As an incentive to get back into art and creative experimentation, I’ve been visually responding to a few texts. These aren’t illustrations. I just based them on the initial feelings and images the poetry and novel inspired; which could be very abstract, or spurred by one particular line. In the practical process, the images in some ways grew away from the text. But I can still see the relation between the two. So that I wouldn’t get tunnel vision and become preoccupied with perfection, I only allowed myself a short amount of time for each response. Hence their messy, of the moment, unpolished finish. In the spontaneity, biro doodles became a base for each piece.

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Whenever I’m asked ‘How was Turkey?’, referring to this year’s summer vacation, I struggle to provide a sincere, meaningful account or reflection. I simply nod and say ‘good’/’really beautiful’/’it was nice to go back after so many years’. All of which are true, but reductive. I then wonder what my renewed memories of Turkey mean to me now, and what I learned from my three week stay in Dalyan and brief visits to Fethiye. Beforehand, Turkey was a fairytale land to my imagination and an intrinsic part of my earliest memories. My parents took me to the turquoise coast in my later toddler years, after having honeymooned there (also pregnant with me at that time). For as long as I can remember, I’ve had vivid, dreamlike, snapshot memories of turquoise waters; lazy scorpions on sandy rocks, a minaret reaching up over an ancient, Mediterranean town, surrounded by the call of the Adhan and a purple rose dusk.

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Thoughts on Creativity and Art within the Education System


This will not be an in depth look at lesson plans. Or a critique of the national curriculum. I just want to share my personal experience with A level Art and Design (possibly touching on GCSE fine art also). It seems an apt topic to cover on this blog as I’m now moving on (and recovering) from creating, almost exclusively, under an educational institution. Recapping the creative struggles, rewards, lessons from the the last two years (four if we’re counting high school), I feel will also be beneficial to me getting back into the artistic groove and encourage me to relish in the freedom I now have to create and be inspired by whatever I want. Also, if anyone who is considering taking up art as an academic commitment stumbles across this teeny tiny blog, this may help with decision making. Although, of course, every experience is unique to the individual.

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Film I made for GCSEs based around the word ‘fragments’. I chose to present fragments of childhood and teenage-hood (if that’s a word) in the style of a music video. I chose Bloodflood by Alt j as it’s about feeling overwhelmed or a wave of emotions engulfing you. That’s how I sometimes feel looking back on my life and realising how much it has changed over the years.

EDIT: lol this is so wanna-be-indie/tumblr grunge/GCSE/early teen angst. ENJOY!